Travel in colour: LGBT travel tips by expert Adam Groffman

LGBT travel – Expedia hoists the Rainbow flag!

There’s an abundance of travel guides for millions of destinations out there but how many of those are boring, conventional and repetitive? One community which is anything but boring is the LGBT community. So we decided to ask LGBT influencer and travel expert Adam Groffman to team up with us and add a splash of colour to the virtual library of travel guides! Adam is a gay blogger based in Berlin and well-known for his unconventional travel tips and his ability to uncover hidden gems. Reason enough for us to make him the expert for our new LGBT travel guide series ‚Travel in colour‘.

In this new series of LGBT travel guides, Adam shares his insider tips for the best LGBT-friendly destinations near and far, across Europe, North America, and the rest of the world! Check out his video below and read our interview with Adam here. You can also find all travel guides translated into German here!

A range of destinations for your next LGBT holiday as well as our new calendar with the best LGBT events across Europe can be found here.


 ADAM’S LGBT Travel Guides

In the coming weeks, Adam will provide you with insider travel tips for a range of gay-friendly destinations. Covering mainstream LGBT-friendly cities like Cologne and Manchester as well as less-known hidden gems. Ever thought of hitting LGBT nightlife in Phoenix, Arizona? Well, now you will!